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Hey Everyone..it’s Lisa!

This past weekend my daughter Alexis and I set out to the county fair for a mini photo session. My other 2 children…Scotty and Kayla came along to enjoy the fair.  I knew we could capture some great images with all the of the vibrant colors and fun things that fairs have to offer.

Plus…I wanted to create something for our Digital Creation’s club and you’ll see what I shot at the bottom of this post. It was a success!

If your wondering why Scott didn’t go with us. Well…let’s just say he grew up living next door to the county fair and he’s all “faired” out!! lol

We thought about the type of look we were going for and we both agreed on a sort of modern day-retro look. Alexis and I went shopping the day before and found a cute dress with a vintage flair at Marshalls for under $20. We were also lucky enough to find a sassy pair of yellow sandals on the clearance rack for $5.  Oh how we love finding a bargain :)

So…we arrived at the fair and my two youngest children had nothing but food, rides and games on their little minds.  We decided to make them happy by letting them go on a few rides first. As they were spinning in circles on the bumblebee ride, I was scoping out some nice spots to photograph Alexis.

Kayla wanted to go on the merry-go-round next …this was perfect since I had already planned on taking some shots of Alexis there. We all know that the merry-go-round is a classic picture…if done correctly.

Before I share the shots…I just wanted to give a list of what I took with me for equipment. 

Now…for this first shot I used my Nikon 28-200 Lens with no flash.  It was an overcast day with the sun peaking out occasionally. I decided not to use a flash since the silver floor and the white horse on the carousel served as a natural reflector.

Merry Go Round Picture Idea At Fair

ISO 200 – F/4.8 – Shutter 1/320 (Lens 18-200mm)

In this next shot, I had Alexis pose for a few pics next to the candy apple stand while waiting for the attendant to make our drinks.  I loved the retro look she was sporting next to all of the bright colors on the stand! It was a hot and humid day and we were all ready for an ice cold drink!

ISO 200 – F/5.6 – Shutter 1/320 (50mm Lens)

After we finished our drinks, we headed over toward the games and I switched to my 50mm lens, because I wanted to be able to really blur out the background. The lighting was nice so I still did not use any flash. Yes, the game area can be quite an adventure so be prepared!! I spotted some bright red swivel stools at the water gun game and had her sit down and strike a few poses. 

ISO 200 – F/3.5 – Shutter 1/250 (Lens 50mm)

ISO 200 – F/3.5 – Shutter 1/250 (Lens 50mm)

ISO 200 – F/3.5 – Shutter 1/250 (Lens 50mm)

ISO 200 – F/3.5 – Shutter 1/250 (Lens 50mm)

This next shot really captured all the colors and shapes that a fair has to offer. Notice how I wanted to shoot this in a vertical and capture a full body look and show off the bright yellow shoes :-) Also pay attention to how I slightly tilted the camera to add interesting angle. You can always do some creative cropping in Photoshop…but make sure you shoot wide enough.

ISO 200 – F/5.6 – Shutter 1/500 (Lens 18-200mm)

Next,  I wanted to find the dart game….you know the one where you throw the darts and pop the balloons.  I thought the colorful balloons would make a nice backdrop. Well, I found it and started taking a couple of pictures.  The lady who was running the booth started yelling at me and said that I owed her $5 a picture.  Did it surprise me?  No, after all this is the fair where you can expect just about anything.

ISO 200 – F/3.5 – Shutter 1/400 (Lens 50mm)

I told her I was sorry and that I didn’t realize that I couldn’t take a photo of my daughter. I snapped a couple more just to prove a point and then quickly moved on :)  

I guess it was time to finish up anyways.  Dark clouds were rolling in and I could feel some sprinkles. Time to pack the camera up and head back to the car.  But wait, we couldn’t leave yet….I NEEDED my Kettle corn!  I think Kettle corn is my most favorite cheat food in the world.  I haven’t had it in a couple of years so I bought the extra-large bag and enjoyed every single piece!!

I have to admit that it was difficult to take photos of Alexis and enjoy the fair with my other two kids at the same time. I had so many areas and ideas that I just couldn’t get to. 

Next year, I will make sure that we take one day to snap some candids and enjoy the fair and schedule a separate day for more professional looking pictures.

 If you’re looking for a lively, up-beat location for  your next shoot…don’t forget to visit fairs, carnivals and amusement parks!  They are exciting and happy places filled with color and interesting sites that make it easy to

capture your subject  having fun. It’s  a perfect location that works great for Seniors, engagement sessions,  families and children!  But, don’t say I didn’t warn you if you decide to venture into the game area :-)

The last picture I want to share is a Digital Background we created while at the fair. If you can’t find a fair or you wan to bring the fair to your clients.

This shot was taken for our Digital Creation’s club and has been used all over the world by our photography members.

Digital Horse prop

Here’s a look at the components in the digital file when you download and use this set. The horse is cut out so you can insert your subject behind if you choose to.


This is called “Painted Pony Carousel” and can be found in our club here.

Bookmark this page for future reference.

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Happy Shooting,

Lisa :-)

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