Valentine’s Day Portraits

I’m always saying…

we need to stay one step ahead of our competition and Be Creative and Be Smart.

What I mean is that if we don’t constantly offer new portrait ideas to keep our business FRESH…we will end up loosing any buzz about our photography business.

One of the biggest challenges at first for us…was to constantly come up with new ideas for our past clients. The easiest ways (In My Opinion) to come up with great ideas…is to BE Inspired by others.

That’s why I always want to share any ideas we have created so you can Swipe them and use them in your photography.

Now…here’s the “Be Smarter” part.

If you don’t find new things to offer your clients…you are actually loosing money.

Here’s what I mean.

Let’s say you come up with (3) new portrait themes for your clients for Valentines Day. You then offer all your past clients a special for a $97 package and you only get 15 people to book an appointment…that’s $1,455 that you would have never generated in income.

So…to Be Smart, we need to constantly stay fresh and offer new portrait ideas for our clients…period!

5 Portrait Ideas To Swipe!

Here’s a few that we just created for our Digital Creation’s Club…but you could Swipe these ideas and create something similar by getting the props to create these very easily.

Portrait #1

(Props Used) Candy Lollipops – Vase – Candy Corn – Wicker or simple stand

Portrait #2

This is another version using a white background and a few strands of rope hearts.

Portrait #3

(Props Used) Ceramic unique bowl – wood flooring – white baseboard – Damask material

Portrait #4

(Props Used) Similar to the one above…just different colors and woven basket

Portrait #5

(Props Used) Candy hearts – White Background – Ceramic Heart Bowl – Added Red Vignette

OK…so there you have it. NO Excuses to not create some new portraits for your clients and start adding profits to your bottom line…RIGHT?

If you want to make it even easier and not have to put all this stuff together…you should check out our Digital Creation’s club where we do it for you.

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