Using Social Proof To Help Market Your Business (Examples)

At Social Proof Marketing the time of writing this post I have some Awesome News!

New Portrait Biz hit the 1 Million View milestone on our NPB Youtube channel. As I was getting ready to upload a new video the other day, I noticed our views were over 1 million and I was SUPER EXCITED!

The first thing I wanted to do was post something on Facebook and to our subscribers to say THANKS! This is the power of using social media, a blog and an email subscriber list.

So what does this have to do with this blog post and the short video I created?

There’s two important points and everyone should be doing this in their business.

  • 1. Always take time to engage and acknowledge your clients, subscribers and true fans. If you receive some exciting news you should share it. Let them go on the journey with you. This will further create a strong relationship and show them you really appreciate them and their support.
  • 2. Use this time to establish Social PROOF for others to see and help build your authority as an expert that others are paying attention to.

I discuss using testimonials in my book “The Step by Step Guide For Finding Clients” and how you can display them for others to see without seeming like you’re bragging.

Here’s a short video that inspired me to write this post.

Think of Social Proof like another form of a review. Think about for a minute and how they use reviews to help people decide if they should buy the product or not. I know I look at the reviews before purchasing anything and I usually decide based on them.

Let me give you a simple way you can add Social Proof to your Facebook page or your blog/website.

Don’t have Facebook page yet…click here to create one.

Don’t have a blog/website yet…click here to create one.

Let’ say you receive an email from a past client that thanks you for doing an awesome job. They say how patient you were with their children and it seemed like you really cared. They may even say that they’ve been to other photography studios in your area and you were the best. They are so happy and they had to write you to let you know.

Big Business Mistake

Most business owners will feel great when they receive the email and usually send an email back saying thanks for the kind words and they also enjoyed working with them.

What They Should Do

But, what they should do is share this exciting news and post it on their Facebook page and Blog/Website. Of course you may want to ask permission to share their email. But, usually thy would be honored.

Using someones voice and their own words is extremely powerful.

The other way you can create Social Proof is by doing exactly what I did here. I shared an exciting milestone for hitting 1 Million views on our Youtube channel. This shows people that if 1 million people viewed our videos, we must be popular and we are helping a lot of people.

Another example of how we’ve used Social Proof can be seen on our Digital Creation’s Club page.

Click here to see how we used them.

Celebrate Your Wins

You could celebrate when you hit 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 fans on Facebook. These are exciting times for you and your business and why now share this with your audience.

Bonus Tip:

Posting these on Facebook are great, but over time your post will get buried with all the other posts you create over the next few months. That’s why I think you should create a post on your blog where it can live forever.

I’ll say it again. If you don’t have a blog yet…Create One NOW!

If you don’t no how…watch my FREE videos here.

I explain in my book how to create and share your achievements so when people come to your website and see what others are saying about you.

Let’s Wrap This Up

To wrap this blog post up, I just want to say once again “THANKS” for helping us reach 1 million views on Youtube and I hope this inspires you to share your accomplishments with the world.

Lisa and I are so grateful for each and everyone of you that reads our posts, comments, emails and helps us do what we love everyday.

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