Using Digital Props and Backgrounds To Create Photography Business

Hey, it’s Scott,

I wanted to share a quick story about a photographer who’s using Digital Props and Backgrounds to book 200 clients per month.

I know you already understand the value of using these and some of the advantages they provide or you wouldn’t be reading this email.

But…do you REALLY KNOW?

One of our club members recently offered an old fashioned baseball theme we created along with a promotional template from our club and booked 39 clients in just a few days.

Crazy RIGHT?




Her name is Heather Sullivan from Enchanted Pictures and is always creating new portraits for her past clients and help to attract new ones.

Here’s a before and after.


The one lesson I want you to take away from this is you have to offer unique portraits on a regular basis.

That’s why we decided over 5 years ago to help photographers create unique portraits on a monthly basis and we’ve been successful in doing this.

The Problem!

So, up to this point the only way you could have access to our club is by a monthly or yearly subscription and for most it’s great.

But, we’ve also received numerous request to have access to our club without purchasing a subscription and it’s not been available.

Until Now….

We decided to offer a 12 month access pass (No Subscription).

The Solution

This is a solution for photographers that want to join and have access for 12 months without needing to worry about a subscription.

You can have 12 months access for just $79 and no subscription.

Click Here to purchase your 12 month access pass

Plus, if you grab your access pass, you’ll receive a surprise bonus valued at $25 as our way of saying thanks.

If you’re already a current monthly member, you can choose this option and cancel your current subscription. Just email me.

Talk to ya soon!


I posted 10 portrait ideas the other day for Back To School and these were using Digital Props and backgrounds.

Check them out here.

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