Using Digital Backgrounds – Creating 3 Portraits Using 1 Image

In this post I wanted to show you how one of ourĀ  Digital Creations Club Members created (3) Studio Portraits with just (1) shot. This is why Digital Backgrounds and Props are so Amazing and so powerful…when using them in your Photography Business.

Her name is Colleen Ballard Thomas and she has a Photography Studio named “Memories In A Flash”. She posted this comment on our Digital Creations Facebook Page and shared these wonderful images.


Colleen said: One cutout…three great pictures! Mom bought a canvas of the 2nd one and we sold all of them to family! Thanks Scott, you make it all possible!

Portrait #1



This set above she used is called “Snowy Sleigh Ride” in the Digital Creations Club.


Portrait #2



This set above she used is called “Unique Winter Sleigh Set” in the Digital Creations Club. This is the one portrait she sold to the MOM on a large Canvas.


Portrait #3



This set above she used is called “Holiday Cottage Set” in the Digital Creations Club.

As you can see, by using Digital Backgrounds and Props she created (3) beautiful portraits that her clients loved. They purchased all 3 portraits and a Canvas of Portrait #2.

You Need To Be Different!

As photographers, we always want to be creative and offer our clients a variety of Backgrounds and Sets. But…it’s not cheap to do this in most cases and sometimes can limit you to what your studio has to offer…year to year. This can cost your business sales.

If she was to purchase these Hand Painted Backgrounds and Antique Sleighs that were used in these portraits, it would have cost well over a $1,000 dollars. But, I can tell you that she didn’t spend 1% of that on these Digital Background Sets from our Club.

Now…I’m not saying you shouldn’t use regular backgrounds and props, but you should be offering these as an additional service, if you aren’t already.


Thanks Colleen :-)


I want to thank Colleen for posting these images on our Digital Creation’s Facebook Group and showing others how she’s adding these to her business. It’s always nice to see what other Photographers are doing and learning from what works.

I hope everyone can see how fun this business can really be!

Happy Shooting :-)


If you want to learn more about our Digital Creation’s Club and how it can help you and your photography…Click Here!

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