Unique Mother’s Day Portrait Ideas

Hey Everyone, It’s Lisa,

I wanted to share some portrait ideas for Mother’s Day. Believe it or not, Mother’s day is right around the corner and choosing the perfect gift can be extremely difficult.  I always tell people to plan ahead and you should be planning this at least a few weeks before. If you can plan a couple of months ahead….that’s even better. I know where talking about Mother’s Day here, but this applies to any Holiday or special occasion.


Let’s be clear about something here.

Your job as a photographer and a marketer, is to help your clients find that special gift by offering them a unique portrait session and with Mother’s day near as I wrote this…we’ll use this as our example.  Always remind them that this is guaranteed to be the most favorite gift she’ll receive and it will  last longer than a bouquet of flowers!

They can choose from a generation portrait, a family portrait,  a Mommy and me session or simply just photograph the children by themselves. A beautiful portrait that captures a moment in time is a gift from the heart and  will be  treasured forever.  But…you already know that.

Here’s  a couple of unique portrait ideas for inspiration!

Take a photograph of the Mother and child’s shoes or capture a close-up of them holding hands.  Find a meaningful quote and personalize the portrait using Photoshop or create a unique personalized collage.

Photograph a little girl playing dress-up in her mother’s or her grandmother’s clothing or wedding gown.  The client can help you create  this family heirloom portrait by bringing along their mother or  grandmother’s wedding gown.  If they don’t have a gown, they can bring a  favorite dress or outfit and shoes. You can also ask them to bring any  vintage hats,  old family photographs  or other special mementos to personalize their portrait.

Children will  have a ball playing dress-up  Using their mother’s or grandmother’s clothing, photos and mementos makes it extra special.  I recommend using a vintage trunk that the child can sit on or they may even want to climb inside.  In this portrait, our daughter is wearing her great-grandmother’s nightgown and is admiring  her old black and white wedding photos.  As you can imagine, her great- grandmother was absolutely thrilled when she received this on Mother’s Day.  This unique gift idea is sure to be a hit and will be cherished for generations to come.

So…I hope this gets you thinking of the possibilities that can be created by using some simple props and classic portraiture. Don’t over complicate things when creating these special portraits. Just keep in mind that the Mother/Grandmothers will be thrilled to have a keepsake from their child or children.

Here’s a few portrait ideas so you can see exactly what I am suggesting you create.

This portrait above was just simply a Mother and Child’s shoes with a nice poem. Simple, but yet very nice.

This portrait was created using the child’s Great Grandmother’s wedding photos on the floor and leaning up against the chest. She’s also looking at one of the pictures to add some connection to the portrait.

This shot was created using one of our Digital Backgrounds and props from our Digital Creation’s Club called “Attic Treasures”. This gives the feel of the past and just an overall happiness with the children smiling. How can you not smile and love that portrait. I know most Mothers would love this as a keepsake.

So…there you have it. There some real examples so you can get a better idea of what you can offer your clients. Like I said, this could be  easily used for any Holiday or Special occasion.

All you have to do now is let people know about your promo and snap the picture :-)

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