This Could Change Your Photography In 2013

I initially wrote this as an email to all our NPB subscribers and thought that I should post it here on the blog as well. It’s very important to understand that most successful people have struggles and obstacles to overcome. But…the key is to FIND A Way and keep trying and don’t make up excuses.

Here’s the email:

Let me first say that 2013 is no different than 2012…
when it comes to setting goals and being disappointed.
What I mean is that people usually let little things
get in their way and then give up.
But…with disappointment comes success.

For example:
One of the biggest challenges I receive from people on
a regular basis is the expense of opening a studio or all
the equipment that is needed.
The problem is if you don’t have lots of capital to invest
than you’re kinda screwed. (Excuse My French)
You have to set small goals, so you can reach the bigger ones.
So What Happens?
Well…they still keep telling themselves…
“Once I get My Own Studio…I’ll Start My Business”.
“Once I Get The Best DSLR Camera…People Will Call”.
If you’ve been on our subscriber list for a while, you know
that Lisa and I are all about getting started on a small budget.
This is why we are always trying to find ways for
photographers to get started on a small budget.
If you remember…we just wrote a book called…
how to take newborn photographs in peoples homes.
We are proud to say that the book has made the
Best Seller’s list on Amazon.
Thanks if you already own a copy :-)
The other strategy we have been teaching for years
is the use of Digital Backgrounds And Props.
This is why we created our Digital Creation’s Club
This technique allows you to use the power of Digital
and create portraits without a studio.
So…my point in this email is to not let anything
stop you in reaching your goals and dreams.
Find a way…even if it takes you longer or a different
path to get there.
Our NPB goal in 2013 is to help even more people
in their photography…so they can live their dream!

Here’s to your success in 2013!

Here’s a quote my son recently shared with me who’s
only 14 and really wants to play pro sports one day.
“When You Want To Succeed As bad As You Want
To Breath, Then You Will Be Successful”
We can learn a lot from our children :-)
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