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NEW! NPB Quick Tip Lessons

Here you will find short video lessons where I answer questions from our NPB subscribers. I decided to do this after receiving emails and answering questions that could help more than just the one person receiving my email response.

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Creating Unique Portraits – Ideas & Inspiration

We all know how hard it is sometimes to get creative and wow your clients with that new portrait. Sometimes it just takes seeing an idea and then putting your own spin on it.

Remember, every great portrait comes from an inspiration or idea someone had and discovered. We have been posting portrait ideas to help photographers with this process and listed the past posts below.


Photography Website Building

Newborn Photography Tips

Lighting & Posing

Digital Backgrounds And Success

Motivation And Success Advice

Special Webinar Recording

Here’s some of the questions that were submitted and we answered on the Photography Business Webinar.

[box type=”info”]

1. How do I get my black background to not look washed out?

2. I use a light meter, but my pictures are still coming out under or over exposed.

3. What size studio do I need? Do I need one?

4. How do I get more clients on a budget?

5. How to get a clear shot if my model is moving?

6.What Photography Niche Is best to create a business around?

7. Do I need to change my custom white balance in the studio if I change lenses?[/box]

Technical Discussion:


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