Tea Party Portrait Idea – Before and After

Here’s another portrait idea that is fun and sure to be a big HIT!

This we created for our Digital Creation’s club and is called  “Tea Party Terrace” and is a Digital Background and tea set and table we added to give it a unique look. You could create this similar set in your backyard with a few props.

I just wanted to share the before an after shots so you can see that with a little Photoshop magic…you can create similar images.

Here’s the before image…which could stand all on it’s own as a GREAT portrait. But…we wanted to make it even better.



AFTER Using our new “Tea Party Terrace” for our Digital Creation’s Club.


So…I just want you to see that you can create beautiful images without having a studio. This before shot was taken outside with no fancy lighting or expensive equipment. You just need to be creative and unique and people will notice :-)

This new set “Tea Party Terrace” is the FREE download this month for our Digital Creation’s Club Members …if you’re interested.

Happy Shooting!

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