Taking One Picture And Turning It Into 4 Unique Portraits – Examples

I wanted to post these results from one image that we shot and show how I turned it into 4 unique portraits using Digital Backgrounds and Props. The digital prop set I’m using is called our “Tub Collection” and has been a best seller for years now.

This set has been used by our Digital Creation club members all over the world and parents love them. Which usually equals having more sales :-)

Watch the video below and I’ll share a few extra tips for creating these unique shots.

Links Mentioned In Video:

I’ve posted the images below that are from the video, so you can see the final edits.





This is just one example of how using Digital Backgrounds and Props are so valuable.

Here’s a few reasons why using these can be an advantage to any photographer.

  • 1. Access to unique props that would normally cost a lot of money in most cases.
  • 2. No physical storage needed (save on studio space)
  • 3. Offer more to current clients (additional sales)
  • 4. Take one shot and create multiple portraits
  • 5. Separate yourself from other local photographers

I hope this post helps you think outside the box a little and adds a little more creativity to your photography!

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This Digital Creation Set (Unique Tub Collection) can be found inside our club store and can be downloaded instantly.

If you are interested in purchasing this set as a non-club member, it can be found in our Etsy store here.

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FYI: As of the time I’m writing this post there’s over 65 Photoshop Tutorials inside the club for immediate access just like this one.

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