Stay At Home Mom Opens Photography Business

Over the years I have done several interviews with regular people who are successfully running their own photography business. Today I want to share this call that was initially recorded for our NPB students. I decided to add it here on the blog for everyone to learn from and be inspired as well.

Kim Sheely purchased her first Digital SLR back in June of 2008 and then opened her own studio in 2009. She explains how she did it and what she learned along the way. Be prepared to take notes and understand that she is no different than you or me. But…she did something that most people don’t do…She Took Action!

You have to be willing to fail and learn from each thing that may or may not work. Then continue to grow and learn and never give up.

This call is packed with information and tips you could use as soon as tomorrow. So…take the time to listen and really take in everything we discuss.

NOTE: Pay attention to the Marketing ideas! These are gold nuggets that could help your business…Right NOW!

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