Spring Portrait Idea For Easter Photography Sessions

In this post I wanted to share another portrait we created for our Digital Creation’s Club.

It’s called “Flower Cart Cottage” and can be used for spring or Easter portrait sessions. You will notice that the image is full of color and brings a smile to your face. That’s what spring and Easter is all about right?

Since I’ve been sharing these images the response from our blog readers has been AWESOME!

So, here’s another idea you can use to inspire and create a unique spring portrait.

Portrait Idea For Spring and Easter

Let’s talk about the image above and the components that make it unique and special.

  • 1. The background looks like an old cottage with a window and mailbox to give it a real old vintage look.
  • 2. The old flower cart is distressed and has a unique look that isn’t something you can find just anywhere.
  • 3. The little girl has a simple outfit with a unique hat that helps give the image a classic look.

If you’re trying to create unique images like this one…sometimes less is more. Always try to compliment the image and not draw attention away from the subject.

Important Tip: If you use a background with flowers or a lot of color you should dress your subject in a sold color. In this case the child is a nice soft cream outfit with a hat that matches.

If you would like to have access to this Digital Creation…Check Out The Club Here!

In the video lesson below you will see me creating this image step by step….watch the video below!

Here’s another before and after of our new “Flower Cart Cottage”, so you can see what is possible with a simple subject that was photographed on a white background and inserted into a digital creation of ours.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and learned something. If you want to come back to this lesson…Bookmark this page.

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