Scott Voelker Interviewed by Roy Barker an Australian Photographer

Well…things just keep happening that I thought were never possible. I just did an interview with a photographer from Australia, Roy Barker.

Roy wanted to do this call for his subscriber list of over 4,000 people. He felt that my story would be inspirational to new photographers just getting started. So..I agreed!

I have to say I was a little nervous knowing that this interview will be listened to by 1,000’s of people. Who would have known I’d be doing this 10 years ago.

I hope you enjoy the call and see that I am just a regular guy that took a chance. If I can do it anyone can. I mean it!

Click Here to listen to the interview!

Make sure to post your comment or questions below. I appreciate your feedback.



The audio is a little broken up at times due to the service Skype and the miles between us, but I think it came out pretty good.

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