Question – How Do I Get My Facebook Friends To Like My Fan Page?

I decided to answer a question I received this morning from one of our NPB Students and Digital Creation Members.

It’s actually a two part question.

  • 1. How Do I Get My Friends To LIKE My Fan Page?
  • 2. How Can I Only Show Post That Are Related To Each Page?

I received this questions in an email after I recently posted some videos on “how to use Facebook for your photography business“. These are some good questions and I’m sure he’s not the only one wondering this. That’s why I wanted to shoot this short video and create this blog post.

If you want to skip straight to the video…click play.

Below is the question that I answered in the video.

Email Message: Good Morning Scott,

I was just watching some videos you created about using a fan page.
I am a bit confused. I have a personal page as well as a fan page.

My confusion comes from how do I get people to view my fan page rather than my personal page?

Is there a setting within Facebook that takes them to this page automatically?

I want to engage people on the fan page rather than my home page.

The other issue I am concerned about is what happens when people post on my fan page.

Right now I get posts on my personal page from several people. If I invite these people to be a part of my fan page in order to build my audience, how to I control some of the things they post. The things they post on my personal page are not the types of posts I would like on my fan page.

Am I making any sense?

I hope you don’t think I am nuts or something! I do appreciate your help very much.

Thank you Scott.

PS. I really liked this months digital backdrop!


I answered his question above in the video, but the short answer is that they are both separate properties.

As I explained in previous videos, your personal profile page is different than your Fan page and you should create both.

Here’s the links to the past Facebook lessons if you missed them.

The best way to get people from your personal profile page to LIKE your fan page is to ask them. Create a short post letting people know you created a fan page for your business and if you want to follow me…click LIKE.

It’s really that simple.

Now…anytime that you post on your Facebook fan page your fans will see your posts and not your friends and family that are on your personal profile page. The only time someone will see a post on your fan page that a friend posted is if you choose to share it on your page or if they went to your fan page and posted it there.

You don’t have to worry about people posting on your personal timeline and your fan page seeing it. It won’t show up unless you share it or your friend posts it on your fan page timeline.

If you haven’t watched the video and you are still confused…Watch The Video Above!

Bonus Tip: Make sure you include the web address to your Facebook fan page in all your emails and promotional materials. You want to build this page with only fans of your photography.

How To Copy facebook Address

As I mentioned in one of my recent post, it’s very important to create your own fan page and not use your personal profile page to promote your business.

If you missed this video and post…watch it here.

Facebook can be a huge asset to promote your business and find new clients. I included many techniques and strategies in my book “The Step By Step Guide For Finding New Clients”.

If you haven’t downloaded and read it yet…click here.

If you have any questions or comments…leave them below this post.

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