Posing Tips For Portrait Photographers

Lisa was recently bouncing around the internet looking at some new posing ideas and found this great video on portrait posing. She showed me and I was amazed how well these techniques worked. You know we are always on the lookout for new ways to create better images and become a better photographers. Plus…It helps us become better teachers to make things easier to learn.  This lesson explains posing in a way that is so easy to understand and just a few tweaks can make a HUGE difference.

Watch the video below and use these simple posing tips on your next session.

It’s all about the Jaw from Peter Hurley on Vimeo.



I hope after watching the lesson how with just a few simple adjustments can drastically improve your head shots. The one thing that I heard someone say to get someones chin out further, is to ask them to pretend they are smelling a flower. I tried this myself and it made it easier to understand for the model.

You can even have your model hold their hand out in from of them and smell the flower. Obviously, there is no flower…but they will pretend it’s there. This will force them to push their forehead out naturally without looking stiff. It’s much easier for people to do something they already do…rather than just moving their chin up up, down or out.

Lisa and I will be using these new techniques on any future portrait sessions. I’m sure it will create a much better portrait that will look professional and natural.

Hope you enjoyed these tips!

Happy Shooting :-)

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