Try These 5 Portrait Pose Ideas For Boy

Have you ever felt stuck when trying to come up with a basic, but creative portrait pose for boys? This post will hopefully open your eyes and give you posing ideas to help create unique portraits that your clients will love.

Sometimes all you need is a basic idea to start with and then you will build upon that. There’s many other elements that come into play when taking your shots, like lighting and the backgrounds you choose.

The one thing you really want to focus on is your subject and making them feel and look relaxed. You may find one pose works well for a certain subject, but not for another. This is why you need to have a few poses to start with and then build on them to come up with your own style.

Portrait Posing Swipe File

You are more than welcome to bookmark and swipe these ideas, but you may also want to start creating your own swipe file from your sessions. Once you create a pose and see that it works, add it to your swipe file for future reference. This way when you get ready to photograph your next male subject, you can look at it for reference.

Boy Pose 1:

Have your subject leaning against something. In this picture the boy has one hand on the object and the other hand in his pocket creating a cool relaxed pose. Also…notice the little details, like his necklace and belt being loose. These are small additional details that help make this shot feel relaxed.


Boy Pose 2:

Try including a sport or activity that they are involved in. In this pose the boy has one hand on his hip and the other arm hanging over his soccer ball. This brings you into his world and all kids love showing off their sports or hobbies.

Bonus tip: Pay attention to the angle this portrait was shot from. We had him look up slightly up at the camera and twisting his hips a little. You always want to try and avoid the square shoulder look.


Boy Pose 3:

This is another example of using the sports theme, but notice the different pose. We had him turn with his back to us and then had him twist to the camera. This gives a completely different pose and looks like someone yelled…”Hey…Good Luck!”

Bonus Tip: I know this post is about posing, but I need to mention that using unique backgrounds can a really add to a portrait. This is a Digital Background and helps give create a particular mood.


Boy Pose 4:

This pose shows that your subject doesn’t have to always look at the camera. You should take a few shots of him looking off. In this case he was slightly turned, hands relaxed and to his side.

Bonus Tip: Adding some stylish elements, like his leather jacket and sun glasses really gives this image a cool feel. Ask your subject what they would want to wear and try to incorporate their favorite clothes and accessories.


Boy Pose 5:

This pose is always a crowd favorite. It’s simple, but very affective. Usually boys will like this stance and feel comfortable. You can always build from this and have them leaning up against a wall or a pole.

Bonus Tip: Try and angle your subjects head slightly and have them lower their chin. If they are having a hard time looking relaxed, tell them to look at the wall to their side. Then on the count of three…tell them to look at the you. This will usually get a nice natural look. It may take a few times before you snap your shot. Keep trying :-)


I hope these five pose ideas for boys has helped and you try these with your next session. Remember, it’s always best to have a plan before your session. So, ask questions before they arrive and Be Prepared!

Have Fun and Happy Shooting :-)

The Digital Backgrounds used in some of these examples were from our Digital Creation’s club.

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