Photography Portrait Studio Lighting – Simple Set Up

In this video you’ll see that you don’t need a portrait studio to create professional portraits.

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Linda Dean Says:
I have been dabbling in photography off and on for years. Reading from the internet, bought tons of books, started but didn’t complete a well known distance learning course, but have never found anything hit home more than this has in just two videos.

Thanks so much


Bekkie Harper Says:
There is so much information available on the web but this course has provided
more clear and understandable information in a few well thought out, put together
lessons than anything I’ve seen or read on the net!

You guys take something that was so complicated and difficult to understand and
turn it into something even I can do! Thanks so much, I am so excited and can
hardly wait to do the homework.


Melissa Jolivette Says:

These lessons are right on time!! I struggled for a long time trying to understand
the saying “longer shutter speed” or “drag the shutter”. This lesson was very
detailed and now my unanswered questions have been answered! Thank you guys!


Judy Kasper Says:
Thanks again, I am learning something new from each one of these videos. This is great!
Thanks guys. I’m enjoying these very much.


Carol Moreau Says:
The one light set up will come in handy for me because most of my business is
as a mobile photographer and sometimes trying to find room to set up several
lights is a challenge.

Thank you Scott and Joe for being so willing to help us.



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