Photography Marketing Tips – Video 3

In my last post I shared Going Pro lesson #2 on Photography Marketing and how to create a funnel to attract, communicate and engage with prospects and clients. If you only do a small percentage of what I’m teaching in these lessons…you will still be further ahead than most business owners out there.

Photography Marketing Mind Map

In The Going Pro Lesson #3 I’ll show you the (2) pillars that can help you connect and spread the word about your business without it costing you hundreds of dollars in advertising. Yes…it will take some work to get things set up, but once they are created you just need to post content for people to consume. You just have to be a real person who shares their passion. We are Photographers and we take pictures…right? These 2 pillars will allow you to share your talent and have others do the same with hundreds if not thousands of people.


I mention some tools in the video, some free and some paid…but you need to look at these as tools to help your business grow. It’s like being a photographer…but you don’t have a camera. You need a camera to take pictures and you need a website or blog to market your business. You need an Email Auto-Responder to communicate with your list of prospects and clients. It’s the same thing. They are tools to help with a certain part of your business.

The Marketing Flow

This video will lay everything out for you to follow, so you understand how to create a community that will help promote your business. It will show you how to create content and syndicate it out to various platforms (The 2 Pillars).

Watch the video below that shows the entire outline and concept that anyone can follow.

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