Photography Marketing Tips – Video 2

The…Going Pro Marketing Systems


The Photography Marketing Funnel

OK..this post is going to pick up were we left off in Video #1 of this Photography Marketing Mini Series. I’m going to reveal 2 Pro Marketing Systems that are not being used by 80% of businesses. If you understand this process and how powerful it is…you will stand out from any other business in your area. You will have the ability to connect and build relationships with your prospects and clients. This Is HUGE!

Most Business Owners Are Lazy

Sorry…but it’s the truth. They don’t want to put the extra work in to set things up properly. I can’t tell you how important it is to build relationships first and then make the sale. Think about it for a minute. Isn’t it easier to be sold to by a friend or take their recommendation vs being sold to by a stranger?


Your Prospects Will (Know…Like and Trust) YOU!

I know women always develop a relationship with their hairdresser and trust that person with their hair. Then they continue to come back for future appointments and refer their friends automatically.

What I show you in this lesson will allow you to communicate whenever you want and start to build that relationship over time. This stuff REALLY WORKS!

Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. The next lesson will build off of this and take it to the next level.

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