Photography Business Tips For Success – Fearless ???

This video was created to answer a question that I received by one of our New Portrait Biz Students. Sometimes we can have all the photography equipment and the tools we need, but then get stuck on what to do first. Have you been there? I know I have!

The email subject line she sent to me was: FEARLESS ???

I opened it immediately and answered her personally. I gave her some advice on what to do next and figure out what she needed to do first. Sometimes we just need to be reminded how to focus on what will move us forward in our photography.

Whether it’s  business marketing stuff or figuring out what manual settings to use. We are all at different places and get get stuck and never move forward.

So…I decided to try a new video style!

I wanted to try something new and teach using a white board to illustrate and dig deeper into these type of questions. I’m going to try and continue this style of teaching so I can reach more photographers who will benefit from them.

WARNING: Before you watch the video, let me just say that I’m not an Artist :-)

The video will explain what to focus on in you’re own personal business so you GET RESULTS!

I also talk about being “Frustrated” is the key to being successful. You just don’t want to be “Disappointed“. I’ll explain in the video.

After you watch the video, submit a comment below and let us know where you are. Maybe we can create a video lesson for you.

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