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The other day I was reading an interesting thread on our NPB Private Forum about getting new clients and being FRUSTRATED. The common thing being said was “I tried this one technique and it was a Big Flop”.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this from Photography Business Owners. We as humans want results….NOW! We think if we try something once and it doesn’t work, than it doesn’t work. We expect if we send out a postcard to people one time, they should respond.


The truth is that it can take 5-7 times (sometimes more) for people to see you and then respond. Sometimes the time isn’t right for the individual or maybe they just don’t know you or trust you. Maybe they are happy with their photographer at the moment.

But…who knows if they will 6 months from now. Things change as we all know…Right?

I wanted to shoot a video and explain why marketing is a lot like fishing or playing sports. I want you to see that you need to be persistent and willing to keep trying in order to be successful. If it was so easy…everyone would be successful.

I also wanted to remind you that the clients that you already have or get in the future, will be your best advertising tool…EVER! So many people want to find new clients, but don’t use their past clients to help promote them. This is the BIG picture. Finding clients and having those clients promote you with word of mouth advertising. Period!

Remember…it takes persistence and a desire to be successful. You can do it :-)

Watch the video below!

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