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As photographers, we sometimes run out of new, creative ideas for portraits that make our clients say…WOW! Often times we just need a little inspiration to get our creative juices flowing. In this post, I want to share a few Photo Prop Ideas which should do just that.

Most of the time when we use props…they are for babies or small children. Occasionally,  you will use a chair, brick wall, or possibly a car as a prop for a teenager. But, in this post I’ll be sharing some ideas for babies and small children.

In this first picture, we used a large bowl and pitcher for a young child. The bowl works well for small children, because it keeps them stable and confined to a certain area. You should always try to keep your props simple, so they aren’t distracting. Remember…the main focus should be the child and not the prop.

Note: Remember to use hats or headbands to add some color and style. Accessories can help create a unique portrait that will have people talking about your photography. We all know that will bring you more business :-)

In this next picture we used a unique birds nest made out of sticks and branches and added soft flowers and moss to give it an authentic look. If you want to see how this prop was made…Watch The Video Here.

You will also notice the headband and dress that give this picture a unique look to further make it a one of a kind portrait. We continually are asked where we find unique dresses, headbands and accessories.  Usually…you can find these types of items at thrift stores, garage sales and antique stores and Etsy. Recently…we have been finding some really nice clothes and accessories at Zulili, which has some really good deals. You should check them out!

This next picture shows how a simple metal bucket can make a very unique prop. Something as simple as this is all you need. Now…there’s obviously more than just grabbing a bucket at your local hardware store. It needs to have some unique features to make it stand out. In this case, it’s pink, distressed, a unique shape and has wooden handles. Always pay attention to the little details.

In this last picture you will notice that we used a very simple over-sized bowl as the main prop. We also added a wood floor and unique background to finish this shot. But…we still kept it pretty simple. The little girl had a small bow headband…and that’s it. Zulili sells some beautiful headbands and accessories…Too!

So…I hope you can see that it doesn’t have to be very complicated. You just need to keep your eyes open for new unique props. These can help separate you from the competition and allow you to be different.

Here’s an email we received from one of our Digital Creation’s Club members.

Thanks so much Scott,   I am having soooo much fun with  my new backdrops.   I’m outta control.   Just with the few pics I have posted to my Facebook page,   I have 3 shoots scheduled for this week.

Here’s the prop set that she was referring to when she was thanking us in her email. She said this idea immediately helped her receive 3 sessions for the Holidays!

As you can see, the prop that this little one is sitting in is a child sized, vintage reproduction sleigh. The subject is wearing a unique winter hat and jacket set to accent the final image. Plus…the backdrop is a hand painted winter scene. The funny thing is…this particular set is a Digital Background and Digital Prop that we created for our Digital Creation’s Club. It’s called Holiday Cottage.

Actually…every prop and background I just shared with you were real props, that we shot in our studio and converted into digital props for our club members. The truth is…you can search for unique props and use them in your studio. But…you can also use digital ones as well.

If you want more information about our Digital Creation’s clubClick Here!

Final Note: I hope these pictures helped give you some Photo Prop Ideas for your next session. Just remember to keep it simple, but keep it unique as well.

If you want to see how to use Digital Props like the ones in this post…check out this video lesson!

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