NewPortraitBiz Podcast Episode 1 – Marketing and Lighting Talk

Usually marketing and lighting questions are the top subject from our NPB subscribers and students. So…our first NewPortraitBiz podcast for 2011 is going to talk about these and answer two questions that were sent in via email.

Question #1 - I can’t get people to pay higher prices for more services. Why?

Short Answer: This is where I use the ipad example of how a strong “Desire”  is a huge driver for your marketing and you need to use it every chance you get. Don’t worry…it will make more sense in the podcast.

Question #2 – I’m in the market for a new studio lighting kit. Do I want Continuous or Strobes to use with my SB-600 and SB-900 flashes?

Short Answer: You should always use the same light source in your photography whenever possible. Joe breaks down exactly why this is important and what he would recommend for a simple set up.

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