Newborn Picture Ideas And Tips For Better Portraits

Taking pictures of a Newborn Baby can be very challenging, but also very rewarding and that’s why we wrote an entire book on this topic called “Newborn Photography Made Easy.

Keep in mind that this isn’t just for business owners of photography studios…but also for the joy and feeling of creating a timeless keepsake that parents (especially MOM) will love forever.

There’s a huge market and opportunity to specialize in infant photography and create portraits that parents desire…need and will pay big bucks for. Plus…people are having babies each and everyday. You will always have a new client.

I know there’s a lot of people probably reading this and saying ….

Scott…”I Can’t Do This Because I Don’t Have A Portrait Studio”.

I have some GOOD NEWS for you!

The exciting and wonderful thing about choosing to be an Infant/Baby photographer is that you don’t need one. You can actually go to the clients home and do the session there. As you’ll see in the video below…Lisa shot these in the baby’s home and only brought three pieces of equipment with her.

Lisa’s Simple Equipment Used:

She also brought two small throw rugs she purchased from Target that were used as her backdrops and a few flower type headbands. There’s tons of unique knitted hats and hand made flowers that you can purchase that help create these beautiful images. But…you only need a couple to start and sometimes the parents will buy these for the session and want to keep them. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Remember…most of the shots are usually done in the baby’s birthday suite :-)

The other great thing about doing the session at the baby’s home…is you can usually just bounce your flash off the ceiling and get some really nice soft lighting.

In some cases you can use natural light from a window in the room along with a reflector. In the video below Lisa just used her Nikon SB-600 and bounced it off the ceiling and walls.

BIG TIP: One other major component that helps make these shots professional is the Lens you are using. You want to create a nice shallow depth of field were you blur the background and make it soft. In some cases you can even blur the foreground and the background….but keeping the baby in focus. This is done by having a very low F-Stop like F/1.8 or F/2.0.

So…let’s just recap.

1. The Infant/Baby market is HUGE!
2. You need very minimal equipment
3. You need minimal backgrounds and props
4. You Don’t Need A Studio!

But…the one thing you will definitely need is…..PASSION!

If you lack passion…it will show in you portraits. Lisa loves preparing and shooting the sessions…and it shows in her work. Yes…you can always learn more about posing and tips to improve your work. Lisa is always searching for new ideas and techniques to create even better images. But…if you have the Passion you’re have way there.


If you would like more tips like this post…Check Out Our Newborn Book HERE!


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