Newborn Photography Tips – Getting Baby To Sleep

One of the biggest questions we get asked about Newborn Photography is how to keep the new baby to sleep or how to get them to stay sleeping.

The first thing I need to mention is that, if you are planning to get a newborn baby in sleeping poses…you want to photograph them within the first 10 to 14 days. Once this time passes it will be much harder to achieve the sleeping pose, because they are now more alert and starting to open their eyes more.

Here’s a few tips that we share in our Newborn photography book that will help you get the newborn to sleep and stay sleeping while you spend time photography them.

Tip #1 – Warmth
The first thing you should do is make sure the room your are using is very warm. Usually between 80 and 90 degrees. You and the parents will be sweating, but the warmth will sooth the baby and keep them sleeping for a while.

Tip #2 – Warm Blankets
You don’t just want the room to be warm, you also should keep the blankets warm or towels you are using for the baby to be wrapped in laying on. You could put blankets or towels in the drier on low heat to keep them warm as well.

Important Safety: Always check the blankets to make sure they are not too hot were they can burn the baby. Remember…the babies skin is very soft and sensitive.

Tip #3 – Hair Dryer
Use a hair dryer on a cool/low setting at a far distance from the baby for a soothing effect. It may also be use to warm up a spot for baby.

Tip #4 – White Noise
This is a noise that is soothing to the baby. They actually make iPhone apps that create this noise. Just search in iTunes for white noise and you should find one.

Tip #5 – Hot Water Bottle
Use a hot water bottle or heating pad to warm up the babies spot .  Never put a heating pad directly on the babies skin.  I would recommend having towels or blankets in between to prevent any chance of burning their delicate skin. It can be very difficult to regulate the temperature of a heating pad so please be very cautious if you decide to use one. I have heard of a photographer who said she used this method and the baby had heat rash from the pad.

So…there you have it. As you can see…having the baby warm and surrounded by soothing sounds can make a huge difference. It will keep the baby content and sleeping much longer.

There are many things to consider when photographing newborns and hopefully these tips will help your next session go much smoother.

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