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When photographing newborns, one of the most popular trends today using a bucket. I discuss using this type of prop in my Newborn Photography Made Easy book.

This happens to be one of my favorite props when posing these precious little ones! Their tiny bodies seem to conform easily to the shape of the bucket and they are usually very comfortable as they snuggle in a warm blanket.

I just came across a video that demonstrates how to use a bucket as well as offering many tips and tricks that are very helpful.  It’s below this post.

Here’s a few important points from the video:

Tip 1 – The baby should be well fed and have a dry diaper prior to the shoot.  The photographer in the video suggests that if the baby is already asleep, to move her around a bit to be sure that she is in a deep sleep and will transfer easily into the bucket.

Tip 2 – If the baby wakes or is unsettled, you may want to start with a wrap instead of using the bucket. This will warm them up and hopefully they will soon drift off into a deep sleep.

Tip 3 – Be sure that the depth of the bucket is deep enough so that the bucket cannot be easily tipped once the child is placed inside. I like to place two – 2.5lb ankle weights (total 5 lbs) in the bottom of the bucket to help anchor the prop. These weights are pliable and easily conform to the shape of the bucket.

Tip 4 - Use only soft blankets or fabrics to fill the bucket and to ensure the baby is comfortable. Never let their delicate skin rest on a hard or rough surface.

Tip 5 – Now that your bucket is ready, the photographer suggests that you position the baby in your hands first. This makes the transition into the bucket go  much smoother. Set their bottom in first and then gently position the head.

Tip 6 – You will also notice, that she uses a white noise app on her phone and places it behind the bucket. I have used White noise from TMsoft and there are also some free apps available as well. A fan could be used as long as it’s not facing the baby and it isn’t making the room too drafty.

Tip 7 – Be sure to have an assistant or parent near the baby’s head. Newborns tend to have sudden movements and jerk or lift up quickly.  Tell the spotter to ALWAYS look at the baby and to NEVER take their eyes off of them.  The infant’s safety is the number one priority during the session!!

Tip 8 – Begin shooting from several different angles. Eye level, looking down over baby, horizontal, vertical, close-ups and far away shots. Take several images and then move on to the next pose.

The photographer in the video starts off with a 50mm lens and then switches to her favorite lens which is the 22-70 as she feels she has more flexibility with that particular lens.

Take a moment to watch the video and I’m sure you’ll find it very helpful the next time you use a bucket prop for your newborn shoot.

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