Newborn Photography Posing Tips – Towels

Since writing our Amazon Best Seller book Newborn Photography Made Easy, I’m always looking for additional tips that I can share.  In this post I wanted to share a Newborn video that I found on Youtube by VineImages. This lesson covers some really good tips for getting the baby comfortable and making it easier to capture a great shot.

The key tips that were discussed…

  • 1. Using towels stacked helps form a nice pocket for the baby to lay in.
  • 2. Using white towels creates a pure shot, but also easy to clean messes.
  • 3. Use a board under towels for safety and to transport the baby to different locations.
  • 4. Use Kleenex to help support cheek so it doesn’t look squished.
  • 5. Use headband in-between towels to dress up the towels for a unique look.

Watch the video below.

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