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Hi Everyone,

I uploaded 2 Podcasts that I recently finished. These are really fun to do and I hope I can record a lot more.

I will need your Feedback and Questions submitted so I can put together future episodes.

I’m also going to supply a link to each Episode, so you can download and listen to each Episode on your ipod or your computer.

Podcast Intro: Future Podcasts

Download Podcast Intro – Right Click and “Save as” to your PC

Podcast Episode 1 – Choosing Your Photo Lab:

Download Podcast Episode 1 – Right Click and “Save as” to your PC

Here is the link to the Online Photo Lab that I talk about. They are offering 20 Free prints so you can see if you like their product and services.

Just upload 20 pictures and enter this promo code TREAEXP08 at the check out page.

Here is their contact info:

Talk to ya later!

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