New Facebook Contest (Challenge)

How the Heck did we come up with this idea?


Well…the other day we were taking some shots of Kayla in the driveway playing Hopscotch and it hit us. Why not show other photographers how simple this shot is and how they could add this to their business.

People would love this just as much as the “Foot Portrait” we released many years ago.

So, we decided to create a Facebook Contest/Challenge to get you trying this out and adding it to your portfolio in the process. It’s kinda like giving you a kick in the butt :-)

fb_contest copy

Here’s the deal…

You can create any version of your Hopscotch picture, but it needs to be the feet only. Of course you can leave the dress in or the outfit to add some color, but no faces.

Plus…leaving the shoes on if they’re old and unique can give it a nice look too. Remember…this can be for a boy or girl or more than one child.

I’m even going to give you a shot of our Hopscotch background to download, just in case you can’t get outside quick enough. It’s up to you how you use it.


The only rules are that you have to post the image on our Facebook fan page and get people to “Like” your image. The one with the most “Likes” wins.

The deadline is Thursday June 9th. The Winner will be announced on Friday June 1oth.

What’s The Prize?

The winner will receive 3 months access to our Digital Creation’s club. If you’re already a member…you will receive a $30 day credit to the club store.

Enter HERE!

Here’s some tips for a better shot

  • 1. Try to get down low for a better angle
  • 2. Try to get a shallow depth of field were the background is out of focus
  • 3. Try to keep the shoes simple, but unique
  • 4. Have FUN!

If you want to download our Hopscotch background…Click Here!

or Right Click and “save as” to your computer

Download HERE!

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