New Digital Backgrounds And Props – Portrait Ideas

Whenever I post new portrait ideas I seem to receive so many emails saying they truly enjoy them and it helps inspire them to be creative.

So…I wanted to share a few new portraits we just created for our Digital Creation’s Club. You can use these ideas to create your own style and separate yourself from the crowd.

Portrait #1 – Old Farm Tractor

Using an old tractor, truck or car can create a very creative portrait that is sure to be unique.

Old_Tractor_Web copy


Portrait #2 – Tubby Time

Finding an old Clawfoot Tub or any unique antiques can usually be found at thrift stores and garage sales. Always keep your eyes open for new unique items to add to your photography.

tubby_web copy


Portrait #3 – Briefcase Study

Suitcases, briefcases and trunks are always a big hit and are pretty easy to find. Just remember to think of new ways to add fresh ideas to your business and your clients will love you for it. Plus they’ll TALK!

briefcase_Web copy

So…I hope these help get your creative juices flowing and you can create portraits that make people smile. Plus…get people talking about your creativity.

Note: All the (3) images shown above were created using Digital Backgrounds and Props.

Here’s a link to check out our Digital Creation’s club.

Take care!

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