Keyword Research To Find Local Photography Clients

Ok…this is the second part of our “How To Find Photography Clients In Google” series. If you missed the first part of this series…you should read and watch this post first. You really need to understand the core principles on this local marketing thing and know how this all works.

Now…if you’ve already seen the first part, let’s move and start locating keywords for our area and deciding which ones to target for the best results.

In this lesson I want to show you a tool that can be used (that’s free) to help you decide what you want to put onto your Web site or your blog or YouTube video to get ranked for your area. The tool is….The Google Keyword Tool. Before you head on over and start searching…finish reading or watching this post. There’s some things you need to know before actually searching.


Once you are on the keyword tool’s page…you will need to enter a keyword in the “word or phrase” box and click search.  Now, in this case, we want a keyword that will be what people are searching for in our area. And sometimes you’ll put in your keyword and it’ll spit out a bunch of words that you didn’t even think of. But in this particular case, because I’m also going to do a case study of me creating a short video slideshow of a photography studio and try to get them ranked in a certain area…in this case “West Palm Beach in Florida”. 

So, I’m just going to put in “west palm beach” and add “wedding photography” to it. Then click on search. Next it will produce keywords that we searched for. It will say competition is high, medium or low. Don’t worry about that. It will automatically default to global searches, which in this case is 480. Plus, it will also give you the local search of 480. Global means searches all  over the world. Locally is within the United States.

I always like to select Exact matches and un-check Broad. That will be an actual result that’s showing you what people are searching for exactly. The image below is showing the “Exact” amount of searches globally.

Now…the way that “Broad Search” works, is that when someone is searching for “wedding photography west beach”; it could be “photography west palm”; it could be any of these combinations. When you use “Exact phrase” it means this many people have actually typed in that exact phrase per month. So, in this case there’s 91 people that search this exact phrase every single month. Now keep in mind, if you’re doing weddings and you’re charging $1,000 to $5,000 for a wedding, think about how valuable that 91 people can be, for just this one keyword.

But…you can find many more Keywords!

Now, we can also scroll down through the list and we can see “wedding photography west palm beach,” that’s the one we’re going after. You also have “west palm beach wedding photography” and that gets 36 searches; “photographers west palm beach,” that gets 73; “west palm beach wedding photographer,” that gets 58; and “west palm beach photography,” that gets 36; and one more, “wedding photographer west palm beach,” that gets 16.

So, these are variations. Now, you can create a post on your blog or your Web site that has these exact keywords in it. So, you could write all of these as separate posts or videos as long as they are in your headlines. Again, we’ll go into that a little bit later. What will be doing is actually taking a YouTube video, creating a slideshow, and using one particular keyword to see if we can’t get it ranked and how long it will take us.

Let me go back for a minute. If we went and totaled all of these keywords up that we just discovered, that’s quite a bit of traffic for the month, that you can possibly receive for free…especially for weddings. We all know one wedding can be very profitable.

Now, let’s go ahead and take a look at our keyword on the first page of Google.

What we want to do now is evaluate this and say, “Who am I competing with?” You are basically competing with these web pages on the first page. And most of the time, because we are narrowing our search way down by using a very exact keyword, it’s going be a lot easier to get ranked for if you do a few things I’m going share with you. One of them is by creating a video with that particular keyword in it, because if you notice, there are no videos listed and that’s because there’s probably not one video out there that has that exact phrase.

Yes, there might be something for “wedding photographer in florida” but not for that particular phrase. So, wouldn’t you like it if you could pop your video on the first page of Google for your keyword…with a little video thumbnail and then your “Keyword In Bold Letters” right there like I showed you in the past lesson?

If you missed the last lesson…watch it here.

So, that’s it. That’s the Keyword Tool. All you need to do now is start entering your keywords and see what you come up with. I would start coming up with a list that you want to target. I would then start searching another area that you want to target and create another list.

The next lesson, I will be taking this particular keyword “Wedding Photography West Palm Beach”  and creating a slideshow that we will be uploading to YouTube. In future lessons, I will show you how I’m going to add the description, add the heading, and how to optimize everything for the best results. 

Follow This Case Study

These blog posts and videos will be a case study of me trying to get a keyword ranked and we will track exactly how long it takes. Let me just say…not every keyword is the same. Some take longer than others to get ranked and it takes patience. But..usually the steps are the same and you will follow the  same formula.

I generally give it about a week or two to see where I’m ranking after I create the video. If I notice it’s not moving up in the ranks, there’s a few other things that we can do to sorta juice it and give it a little push to get to the front page.

But the first things first, we need to create a video and then from there, we need to upload it to YouTube, and that’s what we’ll be covering in the next lesson.

Keep in mind that Youtube is a search engine all on it’s own and we can rank our videos there as well. This will help find local photography clients who may be on Youtube searching as well. You can receive traffic from both search engines. There’s no way for us to know exactly how many searches are done on Youtube…but I’m sure it’s some. So…why not kill to birds with one stone?

So, stay tuned for upcoming videos that will build off of this lesson and show the necessary steps you need to do next to get this going.

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So, that’s it for this lesson. If you have a questions or comments…leave them in the form below.

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