How To Use Textures In Photoshop To Create Painted Portraits

I recently posted this picture below on our NPB Facebook page and received a lot of questions and requests to show how I created it.

We actually created this picture for our Digital Creation’s club and named it “Back On The Dock”. The digital background already gives a slight painted look, but I added a few other tricks to make it even better.

In the video you will see how I added a texture in Photoshop CS5 and used the Layer Style settings to allow the transparency to show through. I also duplicated the background and added some shallow depth of field. Usually you can achieve this by using an f-stop between f-1.4 and f-2.0.

But, this picture was not shot in the studio at one time. The subject was shot in the studio and the digital background was create after the fact for our DC Club. Using the shallow depth of field technique helps bring the viewers eye to the subject and draws you into the picture.

Instead of trying to explain everything in a blog post…watch the video and you’ll see how I created this image.

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Note to club members: I’ll be adding this lesson to the member’s area as well so you can download the HD version to your computer.

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