How To Use Photoshop Overlays For Adding Texture and Tones (Plus Download)

Photoshop Tutorial Overlay Trick In thisĀ Photoshop tutorial I share how I use custom overlays to add texture and color to one of our Digital Creations.

After you watch the video you can follow along and try it on one of your own images. I supplied a download link below the video so you can use and try it out.

Using different textures and colors as your overlay can create an entirely different look and feel for your images.

I will demonstrate this with a texture overlay I made myself.

The video I created shows you looking over my shoulder as I create this simple effect usingĀ Photoshop CS5, but you can use most any version. It takes less than 2 minutes to apply this technique.

Watch The Video Below!

If you want to download and try the overlay I created…see the instructions below.

Right click and “Save As” to your computer

CLICK HERE to download custom overlay

The basic steps I used in the video are as follows.

  • 1. Open your image (we’ll call this image 1) that the effect will be applied to
  • 2. Open the overlay you will be using (we’ll call this image 2)
  • 3. Drag the overlay from the layers pallet onto image 1.
  • 4. Set the blending mode to Soft Light
  • 5. Adjust the opacity to desired strength
  • 6. If needed – Erase areas that you want to take the effect away
  • 7. Save and name your final image for future use

If you watched any of the past Photoshop Tutorials I posted you will notice some of the same steps.

If you missed the past lessons, you’ll find the links below.

Bookmark this page for future reference.

If you are wondering what the Digital Creations were called they’re…“Sunset Stables” and “Barnyard Buddies” and can be found in the member’s area.

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