How To Send Emails To Your Photography Clients?


Well, hey everyone. It’s Scott again with and in today’s Quick Tips video, I’m gonna be talking about how to communicate and how to e-mail your potential clients and clients because I received a question from one of our subscribers, and I’m gonna read it to you in a second, but he probably asked similar questions that you may have and I wanted to answer them on this Quick Tips video because I think it’s really, really important.

All right. So, let me just read the e-mail or part of it. “I want to capture my clients through e-mails. Which software do you recommend to sort and deliver e-mails along with short videos and promotions? How can I send e-mails with video being that only—that it only allows me 25 MB for my attachments? Is there another program for that? I want to send out some promos for videos or of videos for my new Christmas backdrops so the clients can see them and also see behind the scenes in my studio and stuff like that.”

So, anyway, what he’s asking is is, number one, how can he collect e-mails. Well, the old-fashioned way is you get someone’s e-mail, you put it on your account in Gmail, and you go ahead and you add it to your database. Or you can have them send you an e-mail and then you can just copy that address into your Gmail account or Yahoo! account or Hotmail account, whichever account you’re using. That’s the kinda, like, you know, old-fashioned version of doing that.

Nowadays, they have programs out there which are called autoresponders, and I’m not gonna get into all of that on this video, but basically what it allows you to do is put up a form and people can then enter their e-mail address and then it goes directly into your database. It also shows that they allow you to send them stuff every now and then. So, it’s very, very powerful because let’s just say you have 100 people on your list. Well, you can go ahead and type up one e-mail and then send them the e-mail. It’s very, very powerful. If you have 1,000 people, you can do the same thing. With Gmail or Yahoo! or any of those free ones, you’re limited to only 100 e-mails or sometimes up to 500 e-mails per day. So, there is some limitations.

The other thing is is he wanted to be able to send people a video. Now, number one, I wouldn’t send them a video attachment. I wouldn’t send picture attachments. I would go ahead and host that video on YouTube and then I would give them the link to that YouTube video, or better yet, I would take that YouTube video that he created of his background and his studio and all that stuff that he wants them to see and I would host it on YouTube, but then I would embed it on my blog. I would just go ahead and take that code, copy it, and put it onto my blog. Now, if you don’t know how to do that, just send them directly to the YouTube video. But this way here, they’re hosting the file. All you’re sending them is a link. So, that’s how I would get around that.

But really, and I can’t really go into much detail on this video because this is supposed to be quick, is you really want to be able to set up an autoresponder. I use They have iContact, there’s also MailChimp; there’s a bunch of them out there. The best one on the market in my opinion is I’ll leave a link below this video or on the blog so this way here you can see exactly what I’m talking about. And I even think they have a free trial. But it really, really is powerful and especially around the busy time, you want to be collecting e-mails. And if you’re not collecting e-mails, you really want to start doing it immediately. It’s very, very powerful.

So, that’s it. That’s gonna wrap up this Quick Tips video. I hope you got a lot out of it. If you have any questions yourself that you want answered on a Quick Tip video just like this, just either e-mail me at or leave a question down below.

Talk to ya later!

Happy Shooting :-)

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