How To Sell Larger Prints In Your Photography Business – Photography Marketing Tip

In this short video post,  I wanted to share what one of our NPB students (Darren Ford of Precious Memories) recently did to help sell more enlargements.

The Back Story First

A few months ago I interviewed Darren about a successful campaign he recently promoted that helped him book 13 clients in 90 minutes. If you missed that interview… Click Here

The one thing I noticed while taking to him is that he was missing a few components that could help him increase sales.

Want to know what one of them was?

He wasn’t offering packages and large prints to his clients. At least he wasn’t allowing them to see them and possibly buy one. So, since our talk he has recently started adding packages and large prints and now is selling some.

In the video I show how Darren recently sold a large print, but then didn’t something even better. He let others know on his Facebook page by showing a client holding the large print that she just purchased.

The 2 Important Lessons

He did two important powerful marketing things here.

-1. He posted the large print letting others know that he in fact sells them. He had others already comment and ask about them. Plus, they said how much they loved the picture. It gets others excited at the same time.

-2. He created something called Social Proof. This is basically when you allow others to see that people are either buying or using your services. This makes people see you as the expert, because others are obviously paying you. This is HUGE and I don’t see many people doing it.

So, I hope you can see the power in this and you take what you learned and apply it…TODAY!

Remember, Nothing happens unless you…Take Action!

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