How To Remove Wrinkles From Backdrops – Better Digital Cutouts

One of the most common backdrop materials used by photographers is muslin. They are pretty inexpensive and pretty light for transporting if you’re using them on location. We have many of our Digital Creation club members that travel on location and offer to take pictures of their clients.

The one thing they usually notice is their backdrops will become wrinkled or develop creases from being folded and stored.

I have steamed and ironed them from time to time myself, but once I discovered this technique in the video below, I had to share it with our Digital Creation Club members and NPB blog readers.

TIP: When photographing your subjects to be used with Digital Backgrounds and props you want to have a wrinkle free backdrop. This will help with your extractions and will allow you to do them much faster.

The guy in the video suggest using a spray bottle from a hardware store. I would make sure to spend the $20 on the larger pump type. It will spray a larger area and do a faster job.

Good Luck!

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