How To Remove A Background For Digital Backgrounds And Props – Using Photoshop

In this video, I walk you through a simple workflow process for using Digital Backgrounds And Props in Adobe Photoshop. There a many methods and techniques to create cut outs in Photoshop, but this is one of the easier methods.

Adding Digital Backgrounds and Props to your photography business will allow you to offer your clients more choices and not have it cost you a small fortune. Your portrait studio won’t have to store all the backgrounds and props anymore. You’ll just need a bigger hard drive on your computer. :-)

Photography Business Opportunity (No Studio Required)

That’s Right!

You could actually get started without a studio at all using this method. Just go on location with your camera, basic lighting, white background and edit your pictures at your home office. Follow up with a proofing session of the clients portraits. Then….Make Some Sales!

Keep in mind that this does take practice, but if you follow this video and Take Action…you’ll be on your way. :-)

Happy Shooting!



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