How To Get Testimonials From Photography Clients And Customers

I wanted to draw your attention to a topic that most businesses don’t focus on enough or in some cases…they don’t focus on at all. In my new book “Step by Step Guide For Finding New Clients” I talk about the importance of testimonials and how it can help you get more clients.

I wanted to share this little golden nugget from my new book, so you can see how to start collecting your own testimonials and start publishing them for your new prospects to see.

This is very powerful and you need apply this in your marketing ASAP!

Here’s the exact bonus section where I discuss some techniques for to start receiving testimonials and how to use them.


Start Of Book Snippet:

How To Create Testimonials And Get New Clients

The last tip I want to leave you with is how to receive testimonials so you can share them with new leads. Some of you may be wondering how to start getting testimonials to put on your Blog/Website or Facebook page.

One of the huge advantages of  getting new clients is having them give you a positive written testimonial. This is so powerful and once again has other random people recommending  you in their own words.

I have people ask me all the time…How Do I Get Testimonials?

It’s simple. You ASK!

After a client has received their photography session or picked up their order, you could send them a little post card or have a place on your blog or website where they can leave one. Getting a written testimonial is Marketing GOLD for your business.

It gives you something we call in the marketing world…Social Proof.

It’s where your leads or prospects can see what other people are saying about your services publicly. People who read these testimonials will see what other people are saying in their own words. I can’t stress this enough.

Start asking for testimonials and including them in your marketing and you’ll see HUGE results.

Plus…it feels good to look at when you’re having a bad day :-)

Once again, Alyssa from Alyssa Nichole Photography recently did a great job using some testimonials on her Facebook page. She took some recent emails or Facebook comments and created a testimonial page and posted it on her Fan Page.

Photography Customer Testimonials

If you don’t think testimonials work, look at the BIG companies like Amazon. I know you’ve bought something on Amazon and probably looked at the reviews from people who have already bought the product.
Now, this is a little different because you can see bad reviews too. But, if you see a product with mostly 4 and 5 stars…you read what people had to say and it helps you make a decision to buy or not.

You can see in this example that we have received a lot of positive reviews and this will help others make a buying decision.
Newborn Photography Book reviews

As you can see that I have taken reviews from my Newborn Photography book page and created a screenshot and now I posted it here on my blog.

Another thing you can do is take screen shots of your testimonials and post them on your Facebook Page. The best way to do this without looking like your bragging is create a post saying THANKS!

I just did this of reviews I received from my new book.

Here’s an example:

Photography Marketing Book Review

IMPORTANT TIP: Try to think how to take your testimonials and include them in a public place. The first thing I would do is create a page on your blog and have the title say something like “Top Children Portrait Photographer In Saratoga NY”. You would use your own city and state of course, but you get the idea.

This will help you get found inside of Google when people are looking for a photographer in your area.

End Of Book Snippet


Ok…so now I think you can see how to create and use testimonials to help your prospects see you as an expert. They also get to see what other people are saying about you and why they love you so much.

Now…it’s up to you to TAKE Action and do this. No Excuses!

If you want to read my entire book on finding new clients and marketing your photography business…Click Here!

Finding New Photography Clients and Customers


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