How To Get Photography Clients Using Google And Seo

Well, hey everyone. I recently posted a complete video series showing how to create and set up a blog/website for your business. If you missed these lessons and need help setting up your blog/website…Watch Here.

What I’m gonna be doing today is walking you through Google and show how you can rank your Web site or your blog or your business within Google…Fast! Because let’s face it, Google is basically dominating the Internet, right? Any photographer would love to receive new leads for FREE…every single month.

The way it works it pretty simple. Whenever people search for something, they usually go to Google for the most part. They also have Bing and Yahoo and other search engines, but Google pretty much dominates, right?

So, what I want to do in this lesson is just walk you through real quickly how this is all set up as far as Google search works and what’s organic results and what are paid results. Because you may have heard that you can get your Web site in the search results so people can find you if they search for a specific type of photographer. For example if you lived in Miami and you did weddings…you would want people to find you that are searching “Miami wedding photographer”.

Now, if you’re a children’s photographer, maybe you’re gonna want to go after Miami children’s photographer, right? Let’s face it. We don’t really use the Yellow Pages anymore. We go to Google and then we type in what we want to search for. And if you’re searching for something like a wedding photographer, you’re not just gonna put in wedding photographer, because that’s gonna list results for all over the country, or all over the world for that matter.


People will mostly search their area. So, let’s say we are getting married in Miami and we need a photographer. We would head on over to Google and search “Miami wedding photographer” and this is what came up. This is the search result.

So, let’s just break this down real quick. Whenever you do a search, this is what’s gonna come up. You have results that populate in the center of the page, this is what we call our organic search. These are results that people are not necessarily paying for. Now, in some instances, there will be some ads up at the top. There may be two or three ads that will be paid ads from Google and that’s what is called pay-per-click. And we’re not gonna really get into that much right now. We’re gonna be focusing on the free traffic.

Now, organic is basically free. These here are people that registered their Web site with Google Places. So, that’s one thing that you could do. Just go and register your Web site/business over at Google Places. And then you should—if you put in Miami wedding photographer, come up in search results somewhere. And if not on the first page, you’ll at least come up on Google Maps.

But we’re going to bypass all that anyway, because we are going to rank our business in the organic (Free Results).This is done by using some basic SEO for your photography Website, Blog or Youtube video.

Here’s a break down of how the search page is broken down.

If you scroll down below Google Places…you will find more Organic Search Results. There’s actually someone who registered the domain name See the image below to see where he’s ranking. This person obviously knows a little bit about what they’re doing and they went ahead and they used Miami photographer right in their domain name. Now, you don’t have to do that. You could, but you don’t have to, because we want to get even broader than that. We want to show up in more areas around our central location.

Notice the other sites that are coming up at the bottom of the search page for “Miami Wedding Photographers”. There’s one that comes up for Wedding Photography Miami, FL” and that’s a site called “weddingwire. This is not even a wedding photographer’s site. But this is organic results. Now, I’m not gonna go into how to get yourself here just yet. I just wanted to introduce you to how this all this all works.

Now, the question is…

If you were a Miami Wedding Photographer, would you want to come up in Google when someone is searching?

That’s what I thought :-)

Let’s take a quick look at the right side of the search page. This is what they called PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. This is something you could do too. You could set up a  AdWords account, and you can set up a campaign. I don’t advise you doing that right now because I think you can do it right here and it’s not gonna cost you anything. And also when you do this, you’re spending money every time someone clicks on your ad. And yes, it could and it should be profitable if you do it properly, but it takes some learning.

So, let’s not worry about this right now. I just want you to know that this is paid. So, if I clicked one of these person’s Ads, which I’m not going to do, they would be charged so much per click. So, maybe they’re willing to pay a $1.00 per click. Maybe they’re willing to pay $0.50 per click. This all goes by bidding. So, whoever bids the most in pay-per-click will show up in this part of the search page.

Now, like I said, I would stay away from this right now because organic is usually where we tend to go anyway, in the top 10 of search results. And if you optimize your page properly, you will be able to get a spot for the most part in your area. And one easy way to do it—and I’m gonna get into it in future videos on how to do this, but a real easy way is VIDEO.

If you notice right here, you don’t see one video result here, Not one video. So, if you created a slideshow about weddings—from a Miami wedding photographer, which would be you. You would have this in the actual title, and then you would use it in your description, which I’ll show you how to do this in other lessons. But…with very little effort you would most likely be able to rank for your keywords, because Google owns YouTube now. They love one another.

Here’s something very important to remember. Google wants to put a video on every search page they can…if it’s relevant. But no one has taken and created a video for this keyword…Yet! So, if you’re a Miami wedding photographer and you want to go ahead and get some FREE traffic, go get a YouTube account, upload a video, a slideshow, and title it Miami Wedding Photographer, and there’s a pretty good chance you probably could land on the first page. But again, I’ll show you how to do that in future videos.

I want to show you something here real quick. Let me give you a real example of how this stuff works. Lisa and I are targeting the keyword “Baby Portrait Ideas”. That’s something that we just recently targeted because we just came out with a new Kindle book, which if you haven’t read it yet, you really should :-)

Ok…I had to throw a little plug in their for our Newborn Photography Made Easy Book. It’s a newborn photography book on Kindle and we now want to target keyword phrases that people are searching for in Google. Photographers that are searching for baby portrait ideas we would like to find our book. So, we went into the FREE Google Keyword Tool to see the keywords that people are searching for every month. Let’s see how we are doing so far.

Look at that: Baby Picture Ideas. Who’s that? That’s Lisa. We created a video and titled it “Baby Picture Ideas,” and then we put “Create Unique Baby Photography Props,” and then we went ahead and put a video up on YouTube. Now, what this did was it gave us a video spot on the first page out of 19,100,000 search results. It took me about three weeks to get it to this spot. Now, there was a few other tricks that I did to get it there, which I’ll share in another video, but I just wanted to show you the power of using video here.

I did another one here: newborn picture ideas. I did a search in the FREE Google Keyword tool and it says that this keyword is searched 1,300 times a month. Now, what did I do? I created another video and titled it newborn picture ideas. And look what happened. Our video titles “Newborn Photography Posing And Baby Photo Ideas.” was ranked on page one.Check out this screenshot below.

There it is, first page. So, I probably will not get all of those 1,300 searches, but I’m gonna get some. So, the same thing goes here: “Baby Picture Ideas”. Let’s see how many times that’s searched. All I’m doing here is using the Google Keyword Tool to tell me how many times a keyword is searched. I just typed in baby picture ideas, hit Search and it tells me it gets searched 1,900 times per month. The image below shows the results.

And so, let’s see here, I’m getting ranked for baby picture ideas, and we were able to get on the front page. So, do you think that we’re getting some traffic to our Web site because of this video? You better believe it!

Keep in mind that this is organic and it’s FREE. Let me also say that if you can get in front of people searching for your services…you have a good chance of getting some of the business. I don’t care if it’s only 20 people searching for a certain keyword per month, that’s 20 visitors that could come to your site. And if you’re selling wedding services…that could be a $5,000 gig for you, right?

So, the key is to get as many of these keywords that people are searching for and primarily in your area obviously, and then from there, you’ll be able to get all of that free traffic coming over to your blog…your Web site or your Facebook page.

Now, I don’t want you to get overwhelmed with all this SEO talk. I’m gonna break this stuff down in upcoming videos, but I just wanted to point this out to you because it’s so important to either have a Web site…Blog (which you guys all know I love) or even just a Facebook page. You can actually purchase a domain name and have it redirect to your Facebook Fan Page.

An example of a redirect is our new book. We purchased the domain name and then linked it to our Amazon order page. Pretty clever…huh? It’s as simple as going to…choosing a domain name and then redirecting it to any page you want. I’ll show you this in an upcoming video…too.

Again, maybe you’re saying, “Wow, Scott. This is way too much.” Don’t worry about it. I’m gonna  break it down for you and show you more on how to set this all up in upcoming videos on the blog …for free. So, stay tuned for more videos on this. I hope this has got you excited, because there’s a ton of opportunity out there and I want to show you how you get your business on the web in front of potential clients looking for a photographer.

The next lesson will show you how to find the keywords in your area to target…so you have the best chance to rank your business on the first page of Google.

So, stay tuned for upcoming videos that will build off of this lesson and show the necessary steps you need to do next.

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