How To Deal With Negative Feedback From Clients

If you’ve ever received an email, phone call, letter or any negative comment from a client or potential client…You’re Not Alone!

The thing is, you can receive 100 great responses or feedback from people, but the 1 negative message seems to take control over your thoughts a lot more than the positive ones. Trust me…I know this from experience and it has happened to me too!

Actually…that’s what motivated me to create this video and blog post.

I received an email the other day that almost made me fall into this Mental Trap. But, I knew what I had to do…to make sure I didn’t loose site of all of the good things I am doing and positive comments I’ve received. I’ll explain more details in the video and it will make more sense.

If you struggle with confidence in yourself or your business, than you need to watch this and remember to focus on the good.

Press play to watch the video below and I’ll explain everything :-)

Oh…I almost forgot to mention…I shot this on the Nikon D90 and I’m still working out the kinks.

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