How To Cut Out An Image In Photoshop For Digital Backgrounds

photoshop cutout There’s many different ways to cut out images in Photoshop and trust me I’ve tried many. The truth is that you will use different tools and techniques depending on the type of image being extracted.

For example you may have a clean white background and someone that is wearing a dark outfit. This could be done using the magic wand tool or the quick selection tool depending on what version of Photoshop your using.

In this example I’m going to share how to cut out an image when the background is white and the outfit is light or white as well. This can be a challenge sometimes because there is no color contrast on the edges and the tools may struggle to find the edges.

For this tutorial I used the pen tool which is not used all that much anymore, but it’s what I leaned on and what I use quite a bit. It allows you to create a precise cut out and determine your own edge very easily.

Watch the video below to see how I created this image from start to finish.

Here’s The Finished Portrait

Portrait Idea For Spring and Easter

Here’s a picture of the before and after so you can see what can be created using these techniques and digital backgrounds. We named this one “Flower Cart Cottage” and was created for our Digital Creation’s Club.


It’s amazing how you can take a such a simple image shot on a white background and transform it into such a beautiful portrait using these techniques. You also need a high quality digital background like we created here for our Digital Creation’s Club.

Remember that using the pen tool can take some practice and you will get better the more you use it. I wanted to share this technique so you could be aware of how this tool can help you and your extractions even if you only use it on certain areas.

Here’s a recap of what was discussed.

  • Locate and use the Pen Tool
  • Zoom way in (300%) and try to make your points on the area you’re cutting out. (Skin-Clothing)
  • Create a Path at a 0.5 pixel feather
  • If needed go to===>Select===>Modify===Contract at 1 or 2 pixels
  • Copy your selection and create new layer
  • Drag into your Digital Background

Once you use this tool and figure out how it works, you will create you own flow and techniques. You can always come back to this video and follow along if you get stuck.

Bookmark this page for future reference.

If you want to download and use our “Flower Cart Cottage” Digital Creation…see the links below.

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