How To Create Soft Image Effect Using Photoshop

Photoshop Soft Image Effect In thisĀ Photoshop tutorial I’ll share how I create a soft image effect in just a few steps. This will work well for any image, but in this case I used it on one of our Digital Creation’s for children.

This technique uses similar steps that I’ve recently shared in the tutorial “How To Make Your Images POP”. You are simply duplicating the layer and applying simple adjustments and then choosing different layer styles.

Watch the video and you’ll see how easy it is.


Here’s the simple steps listed to follow.

  • 1. Create duplicate layer of your image that you are adding effect to.
  • 2. Select this layer and Choose Filter===>Blur===>Gaussian Blur (set between 60 and 70 pixels)
  • 3. Go to Layer Mode (styles) and select Screen
  • 4. Adjust the opacity until you are happy with the effect.
  • 5. Choose the eraser tool and remove the effect over the face and skin areas if needed.
  • 6. Save File

That’s it!

Now you can use this effect on future images to give it a smooth glow.

Bonus Tip: Play around with layer modes such as Overlay, Hard Light or Soft Light. This will create different effects and you can choose which one best works for your image.

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