How To Create Smoke Effect In Photoshop


How To Create Smoke In Photoshop

You can see the sample image here in this post. Notice how it looks like there’s smoke or steam coming up in front of the Witch?

In this case a little girl dressed up like a Witch :-)

I wanted to create this effect to give it more of a dramatic look and really bring the Witches Cauldron to life.

I also wanted to make it easy for our club members to just duplicate this effect when needed. In this case I created a layer and included in the Digital Creation to make it even easier.

But, I know that most everyone wants to know how to create these type of effects for other projects and that’s why I created this short Photoshop tutorial for our members.

Until now the only ones that had access to this video were our club members, but I wanted to give all our blog readers and subscribers a look inside at the type of videos that we create inside the club.

The basic steps are listed below, but in the video I discuss how to change the color and the shape after you follow these 6 steps below.

  • 1. Create New Layer
  • 2. Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to draw shape
  • 3. Fill with paint bucket (use white)
  • 4. Go to Filters and select Gaussian Blur. I used 90 px for settings.
  • 5. Adjust the opacity (I used 80 percent)
  • 6. Make sure layer is above your object and subject


Watch the full lesson below

Note: The audio settings were off a little, so you may need to adjust the volume.

After you watch the video, try recreating the effect on some of your own images. This effect doesn’t have to be used for just Halloween stuff or spooky moods. You can use it on sports and modeling sessions too. Feel FREE to bookmark this page so you can refer back to if needed.

If you want access to more lessons like this…visit our Digital Creation’s Club. There’s over 50 Photoshop video lessons that will help enhance your images and we add new ones all the time.

Also, as club members you can download the lessons to your computer or iPad.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Happy Shooting :-)

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