How To Create Custom Photo Frames Using Photoshop

Photoshop Custome Frames As photographers we are always focusing on ways to make our images stand out. Usually this means coming up with unique new poses, backgrounds, props or Photoshop actions.

But, another way you can make your images stand out is to create custom photo frames that add style and pizzazz to compliment the final display of your images.

I’ve shared this inside our Digital Creation’s club with some custom templates, but I decided to create this short video tutorial for the blog that shows how to create custom photo frames in just a few short steps.

The concept is pretty simple. You create a unique shape inĀ Photoshop and then create a clipping mask that conforms to the image. There’s many shapes that you can use that are standard inside of Photoshop straight from Adobe.

But, there’s many of FREE shapes you can download and load to use in your projects. If you do a quick Google search for “Photoshop Shapes” you will find a ton. You could even get more specific and search “Scroll Photoshop Shapes” and find an entire new style.

Watch this short video and you’ll see how I create this custom 5×5 card.

Here’s the steps I used to create my clipping mask photo frame

  • 1. Create new document (I created a 5×5 at 300 dpi in the video as an example.)
  • 2. Choose shape tool in the tool bar (custom shape)
  • 3. Click and drag for desired shape inside your document (fill with color)
  • 4. Open and drag image into new your canvas
  • 5. Make sure it’s above your shape
  • 6. Go to ====Layer==>Create Clipping Mask
  • 7. Position, Scale and Move to desired look.
  • 8. Select the layer with your shape
  • 9. Go to ===>Layer==>Layer Style===>Stroke
  • 10. Adjust to desired width
  • 11. Select Drop Shadow and adjust to desired strength

In the video tutorial above I also show how to create a background for the card that compliments and ads some more style.

There’s many different ways to create templates and unique designs. This technique is just one of the ways I’ve been creating templates for our Digital Creation’s Club lately.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and you give it a try.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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