How To Create And Install Your Photography Website or Blog

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In this series of videos I will be showing How To Create and Install a Website/Blog for your photography business.

I recently went over Why You Need A Website or Blog and shared the frame work of how having a website/blog is so important for your photography business.

After I posted that video I received questions asking how to actually create a website/blog and make it look professional. That’s when I decided to create lessons showing how all the parts work and how to set everything up properly.

Watch Lesson #1 first that shows how to do a basic install of a WordPress blog…which is actually going to be your website. I share an example of how one of our students is using WordPress to run her website. I also share a few of my own websites using this same platform.

It’s very important to watch these videos in order or you may get confused and not understand what I’m teaching in a particular lesson.


In this lesson I will show you How To Install A Website/Blog In 6 Minutes 10 Secs


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Disclaimer: I do earn a small commission if you choose to go with Bluehost as your host. There are obviously other hosting companies available, but again this is my recommendation based on what I see as the easiest host to set up. If you do purchase through my affiliate link, thank you so much for your support!


In this lesson I will show you How To Add A WordPress Blog Theme And Custom Header.


In this lesson I will show you How Create Custom Website-Blog Menus In WordPress


In this lesson I will show you How To Add Widgets To Your WordPress Blog And Sidebar

[box] This is the code I used in the lesson. Copy and paste this into your widget and make sure to leave the quotes when adding your details to the code.

  • <center><a href=”YourWebPageHERE“><img src=”Image Source HERE“></a>[/box]


In this lesson I will show you How To Update Your Theme So It Displays Your Sidebar On Posts

You will find the link below to update the WordPress theme I used in this video mini course. If you still need to sign up for Webhosting, I used Bluehost and found them to be the easiest.

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[ois skin=”Main Page”]

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