How To Compete With The Big Chain Portrait Studios

How to compete with big portrait studios

Listen to the short 4 minute audio recording below and I’ll explain about this trap that most new Photographers fall into. Then read the post to see a clear visual of how this works.

I received an email a few weeks ago from Sharron, who’s an NewPortraitBiz subscriber asking “How To Compete With The Big Dog Photography Studios“.

I get asked this a lot and the fact is that most people who are Starting a Photography Business worry about competing with the Walmart type Photography Studios and they really shouldn’t.

After Sharron read my email I sent IMMEDIATELY, a few weeks later she wrote me back and said…”Thank You!”

Here’s the email I received giving me the UPDATE.

Hi Scott – You probably don’t remember me but I emailed you last month in a panic regarding these studios offering unbelievable deals and asked how could I compete.  You said “DON’T”.  “Treat your client’s well and move forward”

Thank you!

Since then I’ve done a huge family project, have been invited to bid on a county youth lacrosse league to shoot teams and individual players, invited to bid on shooting an open house for a large insurance agency (posed and candid shots), a wedding and two family sittings.

Not bragging – just wanted to tell you I’m so glad I had the sense to listen to you and to share my progress.


Sharron Key

So What Did I Tell Her?

I emailed Sharron back immediately and told her that she shouldn’t worry about this type of competition. What she should focus on is how to separate herself from the crowd and “Treat Her Client’s Well” and move on.

We all tend to focus on what we can’t change and not focus on what we can change. Here’s a few ways to make yourself standout from the Big Dogs.

I want you to read that again…”We all tend to focus on what we can’t change and not focus on what we can change.” That’s a Big One!

So…here’s the basic idea how to do it.

1. Develop A Relationship (Your Control)
Learn about them and their families and take the time to focus on what they need and want. Having patience to get that perfect shot when the Walmart Photographer, just says next. You’ll stand out and the clients will tell their friends and family how you took the time to get the shot.

2. Over Deliver (Your Control)
Give them something they weren’t expecting. If they ordered a large package…throw in an extra 8×10 just to say thanks. Sometimes spending a little extra time could be considered over delivering.

3. Great Communications (Your Control)
This one a lot of people drop the ball on. If a client calls to book an appointment, make sure you follow up ASAP. If they have an issue with an order…fix it FAST!

You have complete control over your clients experience and that’s what you should be focusing on.

This is just 3 things that you can do to stand out from the crowd. Plus…people will talk about you and how Awesome you are…and that’s what you want.

So, basically what I told Sharron was…”Treat Your Clients Well…And Move On“….and she did!

Yes, there will always be people looking for the best deal in town, but we don’t really want to focus on these people. We want to focus on people that want great portraits and a Great Experience. That’s what you Deliver!

If you focus on these 3 things…the rest will take care of itself. Trust in yourself and so will others.

Here’s to your Success :-)

Leave a comment down below and let me know your thoughts or if you’ve fallen into this trap.

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