How To Add Painting Effect And Depth To Images – Photoshop Tutorial

before painting effect

after painting effect

In this Photoshop Tutorial we’re going to take an image that has vibrant colors and textures and apply a simple effect that adds a painted look. It will also add more detail to the shadows and highlights.

The image I will be using is a sample from our Digital Creation’s club that is made of a Digital Background and Prop set. This effect can and will work for any type of image, but works nicely when blending digital backgrounds.

You can watch the entire Photoshop Tutorial in the video below.

I’ve also included screen shots of all the steps I used in the lesson.

Step 1. You will need to create two duplicate layers of your main image.

Digital Painting Effect Step 1

Step 2. You need to go to Image===>Adjustments===>Invert the top layer.

Digital Painting Effect Step 2

Step 3. Set layer mode to Vivid Light.

Digital Painting Effect Step 5

Step 4. Go to Filter===>Blur===>Surface Blur to top layer.

Painting Effect Photoshop 6

Step 5. Start with Radius at 40 px and Threshold to 30 px. Play around with these settings will give different effects.

Painting Effect Photoshop 7

Step 6. Turn off bottom layer and merge the top two layers.

Painting Effect Photoshop 7

Step 7. Remove the saturation to make black and white layer.

Painting Effect Photoshop 9

Step 8. Set layer mode to Overlay and adjust opacity if needed.

Painting Effect Photoshop 10

Step 9. This step is only if you need to reduce the effect in certain areas.  Create a layer mask and erase the areas to remove effect. In this case I used it on the face to remove the darker shadows.

Painting Effect Photoshop 12

Step 10. The layer mask is located at the bottom of the layers pallet. You will need to select the paint brush and set the foreground to black to erase the effect. If you want to add the effect back you will set the foreground to white.

Painting Effect Photoshop 14

Final Result:

after painting effect

So, there you have it. There’s a simple way to create a unique effect that will give most any image more depth and detail. This works really good for blending Digital Backgrounds and Props.

Bookmark this page for future reference.

If you are wondering what the Digital Creation Portrait was used it’s…“Sun Flower Hilltop” and can be found in the member’s area.

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