How To Add Color Tone Overlay To Images – Photoshop Tutorial

There’s many different ways to add color tones to images. You can use the built in Filters to add warming and cooling tones. These are usually to color correct when the color balance is off and you want to either warm or cool skin tones.

This is not the reason why I decided to create this Photoshop Tutorial. Instead, I wanted to show another technique that can help with blending Digital Backgrounds and Props and give them an overall color shift.

Watch the video below to see this in action

The basic concept in this lesson is using a New Adjustment Layer and selecting the Gradient Map option. Then choosing a color that you would like to add a unique tone.

I’ve seen this used also for creating a vintage look by adding tan or blue tones. In this lesson I used a tan to white gradient map and adjusted the opacity down to dial the effect down. That’s the advantage of using an Adjustment Layer to allow for further adjustments.

You’ll notice from the images below that the effect is subtle, but adds an overall tone to the image.

Original Color:


After Tone Added:

tone photoshop lesson

If you’re using this technique for blending digital backgrounds and want more tips like this…you’ll want to check out the “Easy Blending Technique For Digital Backgrounds”.

So, there you have it. There’s a simple way to create a unique effect that will give any image an over tone. This works really good for blending Digital Backgrounds and Props.

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