How To Add Color POP To Your Images Using Photosop Trick

Getting Your Images To POP!


It seems like the big thing right now is Photoshop actions and adding color effects to your images. I wanted to show you a quick simple way that you can add some saturation and pop to your images.

I’m using one of our Digital Creations that I just created called “Checkered Flag Deliveries” and it has some really deep colors that will look great by adding some more saturation.

You could take these steps and create your own action and then use it over and over again. But, for now let me show you the effect and how to create it in just a few clicks. You’ll see it doesn’t take long and you can create a variety of effects with this technique.

Watch the video below for a complete explanation and demo.

The basic steps are as follows.

  • 1. Create  duplicate layer
  • 2. Add Gaussian Blur to it – Filter===>Blur===>Gaussian Blur
  • 3. Add 60 px radius
  • 4. Select Soft Light in Layers Syles
  • 5. Drop Opacity if needed
  • 6. Flatten and save

That’s how simple it is to create effects like this using the power of layer styles. You can also play with different layer modes like “Overlay” or Hard Light” and you will find that the effect will be different and something you may want to use.

The one thing I have learned over the years from using Photoshop is that you need to be trying new things and seeing what works and what doesn’t then keep these techniques in your tool bag for future projects.

Bookmark this page for future reference.

If you are wondering what the Digital Creation is called it’s…“Checkered Flag Deliveries” and can be found in the member’s area.

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