How To Add Clouds And Blue Sky To Picture – Photoshop Tutorial


One of the best times to take pictures outside is on a cloudy overcast day. This allows you to shoot anytime, because you don’t have to fight with the sun.

The Problem?

You will usually notice a dull gray sky that doesn’t give any life to your image. You want to have a nice blue sky, but without the harsh sun.

The Solution!

Now with the power of Photoshop’s Multiply layer mode and a second picture of some clouds and blue skies…you can have the best of both worlds.

What you will need to create this effect:

  • 1. Picture you took outside that has gray skies.
  • 2. Photoshop (Any Version)
  • 3. Picture of Clouds for overlay

Important Note & Disclaimer: The clouds I used were for demonstration purposes only. You should photograph your own cloud pictures so you can use them for commercial use.

Watch The Video To See How To Apply This Technique

You’ll want to play around with the opacity until you reach the desired look and effect. You want this to look natural and blend with the existing background.

TIP: You’ll notice in the video I used the Gaussian Blur filter to help the clouds blend with the background. If your background doesn’t have much blur already…you may not need this added.

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